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Wear your support of Warroad logo history with these coordiance shirts! All Tshirts, Hoodies and Crewnecks display the proud logo and Native American history of the Warroad Warrior Logo and what it stands for. The text of the shirts contain the following story about how this iconc logo was made and what it stands for.



The history behind the Warroad Warrior name and logo has a story of its own. Many years ago, Ay-Ash-A-Wash was Chief of Warroad and Buffalo Point during the war of the Lake of the Woods southwest region. 

In one of the final battles between the Sioux and the Ojibwa at Two Rivers, some 40 miles west of Warroad on the War Trail, AyAsh-A-Wash was badly wounded and played dead. As he lay there, he was scalped by a Sioux Warrior.

Ay-Ash-A-Wash still alive managed to crawl away and hide for a time. Most thought he was lost in battle, but he made it back to Warroad after a few days.

There was a great outpouring of joy when he returned to Warroad badly injured, but still alive. Years later Ay-Ash-A-Wash's son Na-May-Poke, who was thought to be the Chief of Warroad, was a wise man who cherished education.

Na-May-Poke decided to sell part of his land allotment on the Warroad River for the first Warroad School. He agreed to sell the land at a very cheap price and asked that the name Warriors be instilled for athletic competition.

This would be used to show honor to those whose blood was left on the sacred land and to those who fell in battle. His request was honored and the teams would be carrying the name Warriors with pride.

Warroad Coordinates Pride Shirt


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